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Gresham-Fairview Trail

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Gresham-Fairview Trail - Gresham city website

Gresham-Fairview Trail - Metro website


From the City website:

Currently 3.29 miles. "When finished, the trail will connect two regionally popular trails, the Springwater Trail and the 40-Mile Loop at Marine Drive."


  • South Point: We've connected the Springwater Trail to the Gresham-Fairview Trail at S.W. 10th Avenue. Park at Linnemann Station Trailhead.
  • North Point: Access the start of the trail to the north at Northeast Halsey Street at 201st Avenue.


Notes: I've now (8/11) explored a bit of the southern end of this trail, beginning with 1/5 mile or so on the Springwater Corridor from the Linnemann Station Trailhead. A pedestrian bridge takes the trail over Powell Blvd and past a bit of wetland. It's not long before the path turns to pavers and there is a shortish but quite steep (8%?) grade that made wheelchair-ing challenging. We could see more hills ahead so we turned back. 

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