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Tualatin Hills Nature Park

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Tualatin Hills Nature Park website


From the web site: "About 1.5 miles of trails are paved, while the remaining 3.5 miles are well maintained, soft-surface trails. The Nature Park Interpretive Center, Oak Trail, and sections of the Vine Maple Trail are accessible to the disabled. We also have a wheelchair that can be checked out for no charge." No dogs are permitted.


My experience: From the interpretive center the paved path forks into two out-and-back trails, one (the Vine Maple Trail) in deeper woods and the other (Oak Trail) in lighter woods, traversing snippets of marsh with boardwalks. The trail is often flat but there are several noticeably hilly bits, challenging to the wheeler/pusher. The lily pond at the end of the Vine Maple Trail is off the paved trail, down a short, steep, unpaved path. It's all very pretty.

Go by Tri-Met: http://trimet.org/maps/trimetsystem.htm

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